Friday, December 2, 2011


Jafari Jeter, 6'1 aspiring model and actor, is a born and breed Atlanta,GA native. I first met Jafari in Lenox Mall at Metropark, where he happened to be working at that time. He was assisting me with finding some items for an upcoming shoot and I asked him had he ever modeled before to which he responded that he had not, so I offered to do a test shoot with him and the rest is pretty much history! This up and coming model/actor has already walked in several runway shows and gotten his feet wet with some model opportunities here in Atlanta. Keep your eyes and ears open for what's to come for this awesome new talent!


  1. James is the most creative photographer I have ever worked with. I have been approached several times by agencies and photographers in the past who were interested in my look and wanted to shoot. Me being camera shy by nature, always declined the offers. When I first met James he was very professional and had a great vibe and an unspeakable passion about what he does that inspired me to step outside my box to do something different. I enjoy working with James and he has helped me reveal a hidden talent that I look to share with the rest of the world! Thanks James!

  2. Jafari,

    You're more than welcome man! Little do you know it, but your words just gave me an extra boost for future! It's always good to know that what you're doing is being appreciated and that means more to me than a million dollars! Now don't get it twisted...I WILL TAKE THE MILLION,IF IT'S OFFERED!!! LMBO!! But on the serious tip...I'm greatly humbled bruh!