Thursday, December 1, 2011


Eric Graham, 6'2 Personal Trainer and Mixed Martial Artist, is an Atlanta,GA native. Eric definitely proves that age ain't nothing but a number, for this 44 year old's body can put most guys in their 20s and 30s to shame! Eric currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden.

I ran across Eric back in March of this year inside of the Barnes & Nobles Bookstore. He happened to walk directly in front of my table in the cafe area and I immediately zeroed in on his distinct features with the accent of a salt & pepper goatee.

I then approached him briefly with my card informing that I was a professional photographer. He first looked at me as if I had antlers growing out of my head then he took the card and said he would check out my website. Three days later he called to let me know he was interested in shooting, however I was told he was not PHOTOGENIC nor was he going to CUT HIS which I responded...I think you are photogenic you just haven't been shot by the right photographer yet and NO I wasn't planning to have you cut your goatee. 

After snapping a few shots I let Mr. Graham take a look and let's just say...HE BECAME AN INSTANT BELIEVER OF THE NOIRE3000 EXPERIENCE and loyal client from that day on! LOL!!

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